Social Media: The phone keeps you from looking up to the sky Disclosure from the horses mouth!!!

Originally posted on ukgovernmentwatch: There was a reason why Steve Jobs was anti-Social Media. GW: Well if they are talking about Twatter – some stupid programmer has just altered the platform & probably ruined it completely by trying to put more adds on & loads of ”Heh follow this” lists so we can no…

Not Just “Shelling Peas and Pain”: Standing Up for Women’s Writing

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By Elisabeth Hanscombe People in relationships can at times feel stifled and the burden of responsibility they have towards their partner can feel onerous. From time to time they might wish they were free again and single like their friends who live alone, or at least outside the…

If some men were sentenced to hear their own sermons, it would be a righteous judgement upon them, and they would soon cry out with Cain, “My punishment is greater than I can bear.”—C.H. Spurgeon

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95% of biologists: Life begins at conception – WND

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The chief of a major pro-life legal team that has fought abortion across the country says politicians need to recognize the science and admit that life begins at conception. “Despite how much politicians try to use euphemisms to deny it, every human life begins at conception, and thousands…